Friday 27 January 2017 – RTN taking its first steps into social media!

RTN now has its own Facebook page, and we will invite as many folk as possible to connect with us,  so we can extend our network far and wide.

This Facebook page is the brainchild of our current Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold challenge candidate Matt Read, who is proving to be an excellent member of the recording team – he reads very well too when the reading team needs boosting .

click here to connect

There is another big social media leap that’s just about to happen!

Although we upload our Friday recordings onto our website (under the Listen To Us tab) our new recording talent Barry Donovan is working on ways for us to create a podcast each week, so that listeners can access their local and community news even faster than before.   We are in the hands of the Royal Mail delivery, and on a bad week, listeners’ pouches containing Friday’s news may not arrive on the door mat until the following Wednesday.

Watch this space for more details..

Friday 16 December 2016- last recording for the year

The good news is that not only will listeners have the last recording of the year, there will be an added bonus of our Christmas production – a collection of Christmas stories, songs, music and even a sprinkling of those awful jokes found in crackers!

We wish all our listeners and stalwart volunteers a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.  A special festive thanks also goes to The United Reformed Church in Twickenham for so generously allowing us to record in their premises each Friday evening.


Friday 14 November 2014 – opening of VISOR extended Drop In Centre

VISOR (the Visually Impaired Society of Richmond) is a registered charity run by unpaid volunteers, many of whom are visually impaired. They offer support and advice especially at difficult times such as diagnosis, assessment and registration. They have their own Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) and their volunteers are able to give advice from first hand experience answering questions only the blind can answer for the blind.

Its Drop in Centre is a wonderful facility for anyone who needs help to get to grips with living with sight loss, at whatever level.

ZAC opening VISOR

(far left) Zac Goldsmith MP cuts the ribbon to formally open VISOR’s new Drop In Centre in Sheen Lane.


Zac & Jackie -VISOR

(left) Zac Goldsmith with VISOR

chairman Jackie Venus, and Skye



Zac visits stand

(above) Zac Goldsmith visits our stand at the VISOR event.   Our local MP is a regular contributor to RTN with his regular monthly conversations about political matters of interest in the Borough.   Here he is chatting to RTN chairman Alec Thomas and Valerie Munro.

At this VISOR event, we were able to talk to many people who had heard of Richmond Talking News, but had not yet sampled its delights.   As a result we have been able to sign up quite a few new listeners.

For more information about VISOR, contact 020 8487 5082 or 020 8487 5301

May 2013 – Presentation of Kew Village Market grant, enabling us to buy a new hand-held digital recorder.


L-R Councillor Stephen Speak, RTN chairman Alec Thomas, listener representative Jackie Venus.


Furry Listener

November 2010 – feline approval of the new digital playback unit



August 2009 – celebrating the 1500th edition of our Talking Newspaper